Working Families Voting Guide

Brothers and Sisters,

As you are aware, there is an important primary election tomorrow August 7, 2018. We have included the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation endorsed candidates for some of the state and local primary elections. These candidates have been vetted through an interview and questionnaire process. Candidates request the endorsement of HVALF by first, filling out a questionnaire, then are scheduled for an interview with the COPE committee. During the interview (which Local 252 participates in) various questions are asked including candidate’s position on prevailing wage. Not all offices have an endorsed candidate at this time but there will be more endorsements following the primary. Please make every effort to exercise your right to vote on August 7th!

-To view your sample ballot please click on this link: https://webapps.sos.state.mi.us/MVIC/SelectPublicBallot.aspx

-Please call the Hall with any questions regarding your ballot


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